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Live worship using Adobe Connect
Sunday at 8pm ET and Monday at 1:30pm ET

Archived worship available 24/7
on our YouTube channel

We're moving to Adobe Connect.
Watch Rev Meg talk about the change, and Shawna offers a sneak preview of the platform.


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I"m so sad to have missed last nites new platform service. I fell asleep right before 8pm and woke up at 9:30pm. And of course now I have no speakers on this work computer. Hope all went well and I'll make sure I catch it next week.

Hi, Deirdre: We are still working on the installation of the new platform. it will be embedded on this page, so tune in on Sunday at 8:00PM Eastern Time or Monday at 1:30PM Eastern.

I'm new to online worship. I installed adobe connect and watched the video but am unsure as to which link to click on to get started

Hi, Jacob -- Glad you found us. Come join us for worship. Details are at this link: http://www.questformeaning.org/reflecting/worship

Yay, an online UU church!!!

Hi, Glory A -- I'm so glad Vera guided you to our website. perhaps we'll "see" you someday at online worship: http://www.questformeaning.org/reflecting/worship

I've been on the lookout for where I truly belong. I believe I finally found what I've been searching for! Thank you Vera G. For lighting the way. I light my candle tonight in your honor and for those who are also searching for their path or purpose. May you also find what you're looking for.

Hi, Martha: if you come to the worship page - www.questformeaning.org/reflecting/worship - at the time of our services, you should be able to see the worship service. The services are video with a live chat next to the video player. The worship times are also on that page - Sundays, 8:00PM Eastern time, Mondays, 9:00AM ET and 1:30PM ET. You will want to be on the best wifi connection you can muster; as close to the wifi as you can or on a hard-wired connection. I hope this helps and that you can join us this Sunday/Monday. Lorraine, CLF Executive Director.

I cannot figure out to view worship service live

Jennifer: To log into livestream you need to create a livestream account and use that to login. Please note that currently worship services are only available on the computer unless your smartphone can view Flash movies. Thank you for your interest.

Hi. I am searching for CLF account name to add to my livestream app, so that I can view from my smartphone.. What name is it under?

Thank you for this service, and I am glad I could finish attending, because I had to leave early Monday morning.!

I checked in for the first time (2/3/14 @ 1:30p) and I really enjoyed it. I didn't know what to expect, so I really had no expectations. I just watched with an open mind as the Unitarian Universalist beliefs are new to me in my search for meaning in this life. I do believe I will be back to this site again and I am grateful being being able to be a silent part of it. Thank you!

Tonight's service was so inspiring! The tribute to Martin Luther King was excellent - his wonderful words of wisdom and grace. Thanks for all you do here. I'm becoming a regular attendee.

I so love the online services and Quest newsletter

Hi Mary H. Go to http://www.livestream.com/questformeaning for worship archives. You must view these from a computer that can allows viewing of flash videos. Mobile devices do not work.

This online community looks interesting to me. I would like to view the worship archives but I get a message indicating the link is not working. Could someone please assist me so I may experience a prior worship service?

Blessings to you all from Lower Alabama. :)

Greatings to Indonesia !

It seems to be difficult for me to share,because I live in the north of Germany.Nevertheless I will try...

I loved the Prayer As Children Go Back to School. My two wonderful granddaughters began school Monday, the elder in second grade, the younger in Kindergarten. They are the light of my lives but I know I cannot be there for them constantly and should not try.

i am so blessed that i've found these website. really wants to join any congregation.. my best regard for you all from Indonesia

I had a LOVELY time here for my first ever UU service!

I love one of the intro messages: "...we will lovingly hold each other accountable...." For a faith community that is characterized by faith in....community, that seems like a foundational idea.

The CLF is a wonderful community; providing encouragement, enlightenment, acceptance and peace.

These services have truly been a blessing to me.I use them (along with the Daily Compass) for hope, contemplation, and insight.

Thank you so much for having this available for those who do not have a local community to worship with. I look forward to joining in on online worship services. Blessings to all.

Thank you so much for offering this online worship service. I once belonged to a UU Church. Then, my husband's job forced a move. We now live too far from any UU Congregation. I am so happy to have found this! I look forward to joining you on Sunday.

@Megan: Online worship is held every Sunday evening (8:00 pm ET), with a repeat on Monday morning & afternoon (9:00 am and 1:30 pm ET). Try this link to view: www.questformeaning.org/reflecting/worship

community oops

Thank you for making this online commy possible! I am not sure how to join the real-time worship since I just deleted my facebook account.... I guess I will try this Sun and see what happens. :)

Reading and listening to opinions here and the different ways we believe is a wonder in it's self.I enjoyed the "Non Judgement" video.

soltice on deman was powerful and very truthful

These are very meaningful to me and a blessing being that i'm shut in.

@Mark: People chat on the Worship page before and after worship services, and respond to guided questions and rituals during the service itself: www.questformeaning.org/reflecting/worship

@Catriona: On Nov 18, we broadcast the ordination of Joanna Crawford, one of our Intern Ministers. You can find that at http://livestre.am/4e7Ca

Hi, does anyone know what happened to the video of the 18th Nov service? Is it my imagination or is it not up yet? Thanks

How often do other members chat in the quest for meaning room?

@Kristen: By any chance were you in a different time zone? I've heard that Sunday's service did indeed happen, as scheduled -- 8:00 pm Eastern Time.

When does the Livestream of the service start??? It is 8:17pm

I hope you can join us for worship very soon, Pegi D. You will meet lots of people and we hope you will find a spiritual home here.

I can not see the streaming.

I am very excited to have found you!!! Have attende UU fellowship with my brother and his wife and was very moved. Also felt right at home, but it is a Long drive from our home to the fellowship they attend. Looking forward to this site, thank you!!

Welcome, Elaine P, we will look forward to 'seeing' you in worship. Join us at one of the the three services each week - see the events listing above.

I am absolutely thrilled to have found this site. I have been trying to find a local UUA service in my town but have been unsuccessful. This is wonderful. I have sent my daughter a link to the site. I look forward to the next Sunday service.

Thanks so much for providing the worship archives. It means that I can watch them during a time when few other people are using the Internet and my is connection faster. It would be even better for me to be able to download the services. Have you ever considered making that available? Also, I really like it when they include the introductory song and chalice lighting - would it be possible for more of the future videos to include these?

@Johan: Yes indeed -- Mondays at 1:30 pm ET. That's today, in just over 2 hours. Hope you can join us! http://www.questformeaning.org/reflecting/worship

Is there live worship every Monday at 1:30 PM ET? I'm living in Barcelona, Spain, so that would work out well. On a related note: The countdown clock is great, but it doesn't seem to consider local (browser) time - would that be possible?

@Lori: Linda, our minister of technology, tells me that for now our Livestream services can only be viewed on computers, not tablets or smartphones. We are looking into this and hope to make it available in the future.

are your working on getting an application for services on a mobile device? I'd like to watch on my Samsung tablet or if out on my Samsung smartphone.

@Barbara: From this link http://www.questformeaning.org/reflecting/worship, my chat appears to the right of the recorded service. At this morning's service, lots of people were participating in the chat. Hope you can join us again -- today at 1:30 (ET).

it was so difficult to understand this Video b/c it kept fading in and out.

Chat has come and gone .. as has my connection.

Haven't seen the "chat" feature along the left side yet. Is that gone?

Hi, folks: there's been a change in schedule. Worship on Sunday evenings will start at 8:00PM Eastern, NOT 7:00PM. See you there!

We will begin the new worship year on Sunday, Sept 9th with a service at 7:00PM Eastern time. We offer repeats of that service on Monday, Sept 10th at 9:00AM Eastern and 1:30PM Eastern. That will be our schedule for the fall. Com and join us, if you can.

We're not sure exactly what the worship times will be for September. We're working on that and will make an announcement before the September 9th worship service..

I thought the 9 pm start time was for the summer months and that 7 was the time for the rest of the year. When will it go back to 7?

Too bad, re-worship times ... the local library/Public access sites are all closed on those two days, here. Dwayne Decker - New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada

Hi, Gary! Unfortunately, iPads and iPhones don't support Livestream videos, because iPads/phones don't use Flash. I'm sorry -- we wish they did!

I was hoping to watch some of the GLBT-supportive video this weekend between 3pm Sun @ 3pm Mon but I get here only an error message saying: This stream is not live, etc. I am using an iPad.

@ Robert S, You can join us for live worship on Sundays evenings at 9PM Eastern time and Monday afternoons at 1:30PM Eastern. You can also go directly to our Livestream page at www.livestream.com/questformeaning and click on some of the archive of video components we have there. You can usually watch and listen to the most recent live worship and to shorter pieces of older services. Feel free to cruise around the website, too, for lots of information about Unitarian Universalism. And Welcome!

@Mark D, try this link directly to our Online Community page - http://www.questformeaning.org/connecting/find_online_community - I hope that works. You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/clfuu. I hope these work for you. Lorraine

I have so enjoyed these worship services, I have been enjoying the songs, talks and chats during service. Thank u all for your service

Hello I do not know how to get into the Online Community because it always brings me back to the front page?

I've been checking out the Unitarian faith on your website and on FaceBook. I would like to go to a service but live in the desert South of Florence, AZ and don't have a congregation near by. I am a spiritual person but no longer consider myself a Christian. I found Unitarian Universalist Faith Of The Free on FaceBook, I love that concept. I also like your commitment to social causes. It seems like Unitarianism might be a perfect fit for me.

@Ronald: Were you at this link when trying to connect to the online service? http://www.questformeaning.org/reflecting/worship The next service is scheduled for this Sunday at 9 pm (ET).

@Arthur: If you have questions about the Quest for Meaning website, feel free to email me with any questions you may have: bmurray@clfuu.org.

Every once in a while I apparently click in the right placve, because here I am. I know I'm here, but not sure where here is.

I tried unsuccessfully to connect with the 1:30 p.m. servive Monday! Maybe,I can connect on a chat site?

How do I connect to the online service at 1:30 EST? Gene

I like the idea of the contemporary worship. Looking forward to seeing and participating in my first online service on Sunday.

Kendra, We are no longer offering the 9 pm service on Sunday evenings. However, we'd love it if you join us at the 7 pm Sunday service, with a repeat on Monday afternoon at 1:30 (ET).

I'm not understanding how this works. How do I see the online service that started at 9?

I think the service was lovely. I really enjoyed Lynn's story. As usual, it gave me a lot to think about. How can I incorporate the lessons learned into my life and spirituality?

Marco I attend the Lake Chapala UU Fellowship Every Sunday of February for the past 6 years.

Hello everyone. i will connect this Sunday evening. This is completely new for me, but sems to be the perfect option for people like me who live far from any UU congregation. Blessings and best regards for all from Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

@cameron: the two worship services on Sunday are quite similar, but the Contemporary worship team might have some different music or components from the 7PM service. We hope the 9PM Eastern time service will appeal to young adults and others who like a slightly less traditional experience.

What's the difference between worship and contemporary worship?

@darrell: You don't have to login to chat. Just type in a Nickname and then click in the typing box at the bottom of the chat. Type away, and then hit returne or click on Say. You can even change the color of your nickname by clicking on one of the little icons below the chat. Hope this helps.

I had trouble signing in to the chat, but I am here! ~)<

@Martin: If you arrive at the worship site early, you'll hear music. Other people are gathering as well, and "chatting," just like real church. People greet each other with short typed messages. Once the worship actually begins, the chat continues, but the conversation is focused on the service. There's a time for Joys and Concerns. Frequently there's a question you can respond to, and there's even a chance to sing along with the hymns! After the service is over, people linger, saying goodbye, wishing everyone a good week, etc. Hope you can join us!

Kelly, This week's service and archived components from other services can be found at this link: http://www.livestream.com/questformeaning.

is there a place to watch the worship services if I miss the Sunday and Monday times?

Sorry for posting twice in such a short period of time, but why does my full name show instead of my user name? Will my full name appear everywhere on this site?

1:30 Eastern Time should work for me, but I'm confused as to how it works. Do I need to be able to watch a streaming video? My Internet connection is currently too slow for that. If I do manage to remedy that, does everyone watch it first and then discuss it? Does the video start at 1:30 or does the discussion start then? I'm so confused...

Raj -- Yes, the Monday 1:30 pm service is a repeat of Sunday's 7 pm service.

Is Monday 1:30 PM a repeat of Sunday 7 PM service?

Hi, Raj: Yes, you are a CLF member and have been since July 2011. Thanks for joining us.

I think I joined CLF at the GA last year. and recently sent in another contribution. Am I considered a member?

I am pleased with the new quest.Now i can sit in and worship with everyone else.I then go outside and find peace through nature.

You need to record and archive the services, might think about showing services from around the country, ideas from different UU communities.

AND, we're so glad that you are enjoying the services. We are all enjoying the spiritual connection that's happening and hope to have more to offer as time and resources permit.

Thanks for commenting on our worship services. We are working on a way to both record and archive services. Check in again in a month or so to see how the research is going. Lorraine, CLF Executive Director

It would be great to able to have the services recorded, so we can view them at convienent times. I am new to UU and feel like I could really benefit hearing the services.

I echo some of my fellow UUs. I live in Guam, 17hrs from EST. So the services are at weird times for me, like 4AM. If they could be archived or podcasted it would be great. I'm so happy to have found an online UU community. I've been missing my UU society in New Haven CT and finding a spiritual community online is very meaningful to me all the way out in the Pacific ocean.

Thanks for the great service. We've been homebound lately, and this made us feel like we had company! Yippee!!!

So happy to have found this site, will enrich my growth as a UU community member.

+1 to archiving. I too am new and would like to join in but based in the UK the times EST can be difficult. Thanks, lovely site, looking forward to its ongoing development. kev

Wonderful site. Would it be possible to archive sermon broadcasts? or offer more rebroadcasts as Douglas asked below?

I'm a new UU and just found this site. Very nice!

Could you rebroadcast the Worship Service more often?

Congrats on getting the cite launched. When I went from page 1 to this page it logged me out??? not a biggie, but something to look into. The cite is beautiful. Thank you. Happy Chalica!