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Doug Robinson

Doug RobinsonA guitarist, bass player,  singer and producer,  Doug has had a lengthy career as a performer and studio musician.   He has toured frequently in the US,  Canada and Europe with the Burns Sisters Band,  British acoustic guitar virtuoso Martin Simpson,  ragtime guitarist Bob Brozman,  latin bluesman Tino Gonzales and Austin songwriter Billy Eli.  In 2003 he performed at Carnegie Hall with Johnny Russo's  East Hill Classic Jazz Group and has been featured in festival performances with European gypsy-swing guitarists  Stochelo Rosenberg and Romane.   He also performs frequently with the Ithaca-based  "Djug Django"  gypsy-swing band,  the Molly MacMillan Jazz Trio,  and singer Sally Ramirez.

For more info visit www.watershed-arts.com.