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Prison Ministry

Prison MinistryMore than two million people are incarcerated in prisons and jails across the United States.  Like many Americans, most prisoners have never heard of Unitarian Universalism,  and those who have 'non-traditional' spiritual beliefs often despair of finding a religious community that will respect their beliefs and encourage their spiritual growth while they are incarcerated.

Prisoners now make up more than 10% of the CLF's membership!  Most of them heard about the CLF from other prisoners;  some discovered Unitarian Universalism in a newspaper, magazine, or book.  Every week, prisoners write to ask us: "I hear you're a church where you don't have     to believe in God?" ... "My cellie tells me you're OK with pagans and Wiccans?" ... "Can you send me anything about religion and being gay?"...

And every week, prisoners' membership applications echo what UUs hear every Sunday during coffee hour: "I can't believe I found a church that will let me believe what I already believe, and still help me explore and deepen my  own personal spirituality" ... 

UU Spiritual Support for Prisoners


Through the generous contributions of CLF members and others, we can offer a free membership to any prisoner who chooses to join the CLF.

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Sponsor a Prisoner Member

Spritual Support for PrisonersThanks to generous contributions from CLF members and others, we can offer a free membership to any prisoner who chooses to join the CLF.

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Our Prisoner-Members Write

Our Prisoner-Members WriteIn recent years, we've invited our prisoner-members to write an Open Letter to General Assembly.  Here are some excerpts...

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Letter Writing Ministry

Letter Writing MinistryAre you a Unitarian Universalist who enjoys 'snail-mail'?  You might enjoy corresponding with a CLF prisoner-member.

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For Family & Friends of Prisoners

For Family & Friends of PrisonersThe incarceration of one person affects a whole family. 

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Volunteering at Your Local Jail

Volunteering at Your Local JailVolunteers allow prisoners to experience our UU values in-person through worship services, discussions groups, etc... 

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