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For Families

For familiesThe Quest for Meaning is not limited to adults—if anything, children and teens are more active in the process of discovering their beliefs and the principles that will guide their lives. We offer here some ways to explore religious questions children might have, and in formation and activities for all people of all ages who want to pursue an open-minded, open-hearted faith.


Introducing...Family Quest!

Our family ministry has become Family Quest and we will be launching a multimedia website soon! In the meantime, families can explore some of our new features, including:

Family Quest YouTube Channel
Family Quest Pinterest Board
Parents Facebook Group
Ongoing Classes
a printable you can put on your fridge for inspiration.  Available as part of RE Express (click here for sample)


(Note: beginning in September 2014, KidTalk will be replaced by REfrigerator)
The KidTalk page provides a fun way for families to explore holidays from various religious traditions, as well as spiritual practices and social service projects that are accessible for people of all ages. Read Kidtalk.

Between Sundays

What is God? What happens when you die? Between Sundays provides a way for families to actively engage with some of the most important questions that children are likely to have about religious faith and practice. We won’t give you absolute answers, but this searchable resource is just right for families to use in those “teachable moments.” Learn more.

Songs to Sing Together

Here are simple recordings of a variety of songs that are easy to sing without accompaniment, perfect for family or small-group worship. Click here for samples.

RE Express

Everything you need for an RE program except the art supplies-available to CLF members or by subscription.  See our flyer or contact Beth Murray at bmurray@clfuu.org - 617-948-6150.


uu & meuu&me! is the Church of the Larger Fellowship’s publication for children and, until 2009, was published as an insert in the UUA’s UU World magazine.  Archives (going all the way back to 1998) are available here.  You are welcome to use the activities and stories in uu&me! for your own Sunday school and family.

uu&me Publishing

About DeathContinuing the tradition of bringing Unitarian Universalist values and practices to the everyday lives of children and families. Introducing Little Books About Big Stuff. From the pages of uu&me!, a popular magazine for Unitarian Universalist children, comes the first in a series of small books about big topics - About Death, a Unitarian Universalist Book for Kids.
Click here to order.

About GodAbout God takes a complex and challenging religious concept and makes it accessible to children. Confronted with a scary experience, a group of kids learn from each other that it's okay to have different approaches to the idea of God. This story is followed by direct, honest and concise answers to questions children commonly ask about God, and short real-life vignettes that invite the reader to consider what, if anything, they would call God. This book follows About Death in the "Little Books About Big Stuff" series for kids. Hardcover book with beautiful, evocative watercolors throughout.
Click here to order.