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Frequently Asked Questions about Giving

FamilyFind answers to some commonly asked questions.  Let us know if your giving questions are not addressed by contacting us.





Yes.  Donations to the CLF are fully tax-deductible in the United States within the limits of the law.

Yes!  Even with hundreds of generous volunteers who contribute their time and talents to making the CLF a rich worship experience, and even though we do not occupy a physical church, there are many costs associated with operating the CLF.  CLF friends come from all over the world, and from all walks of life.  The CLF’s operating budget is exclusively made up of private donations and support from the CLF’s membership.   Generous donations are what have always kept the CLF operating.  Every gift counts.  We need your help!

CLF gifts support our annual operating budget.  The CLF family—a very small but resourceful staff and many many volunteers—use operating funds to carry out vital work.  From producing and mailing the CLF’s worship publication, Quest, to providing online worship and pastoral resources, to providing a forum and platform for the CLF community to share and explore together, your contributions benefit  all these essential operations.

Yes!  CLF contributions provide vital unrestricted support for operations, letting us put your gift to work directly where it is most needed.  If you would prefer to contribute to a specific ministry or program of the CLF, we’ll put your gifts to use where you have designated them.

Yes!  More than a third of CLF members and friends also belong to another bricks and mortar church.  If you value the role that the CLF plays in your life we hope you will contribute, and we hope that you will consider membership too—you are welcome here.

Unlike many congregations, the CLF’s fiscal year mirrors the calendar year, beginning on January 1 and ending December 31. 

The CLF’s Federal Tax ID Number is: 04-2103733

Not comfortable making online contributions?  You can mail a gift to the CLF too!

Church of the Larger Fellowship
24 Farnsworth Street
Boston MA 02210

You can also call us at (617) 948-6166.  If we’re not available, we’ll call you as soon as we are!

No!  While we share a mailing address and enjoy collegial proximity, the CLF is a separate, independent, chartered congregation.  However, the CLF is a dues paying congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  CLF programs and operations are our own.