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Congregational Giving

Special Collections

CandlesMany congregations and fellowships conduct special collections for the CLF.  These congregations place a special value on the work the CLF does in outreach, prison, military, young adult or family ministry or other areas.  If your congregation conducts special collections, consider how the work of the CLF might support your own social justice priorities and congregational goals.  Generosity is contagious—congregations who ‘share the plate’ do not experienced declines in their own income—but find their church’s generosity is often multiplied.

For more information, including liturgical resources tailored to your congregation, or assistance with approaching your local pastoral and lay leadership about benefitting the CLF in a special collection, let us know.    


Please Email for More Information


Other Ways Congregations Can Support the CLF’s Work

The CLF is grateful for contributions from congregations. Contributing to the CLF from your church budget could be one way to support your own congregational goals. Did your church or fellowship grow out of the efforts of Munroe Husbands? Is your group one of the many that came together with help from the CLF? Does the CLF help enrich your local church with worship or religious education resources? Let us know if your local church has a charitable fund that a program of the CLF might qualify for and help us to continue to grow and enrich spiritual practices everywhere. 

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