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“The places we are seen and heard are holy places.” —Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen

Finding places to be seen and heard is an important step on the quest for meaning. We have developed a number of small groups and subcommunities, and will continue to do so as the need arises. If you do not see a group that you desire, please contact Terri Burnor, tburnor@clfuu.org, and let her know what you are looking for. We are happy to experiment with formats and venues.

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Email Lists


Announcements and news for Church of the Larger Fellowship members
All members who have email access are encouraged to join our announcement list. It is very low volume, with messages coming from our minister, the staff, and the list moderators.


Discussion list for Church of the Larger Fellowship members
The content of this discussion list is unrestricted but will focus on issues of and relating to the religious interests of our members. CLF-L enables our members to connect with one another and share resources, compare religious experiences and programs, and find support as Unitarian Universalists isolated by chance or by choice. Volume can be high, if this will be a problem for you, please select the digest format.

CLF Christians

This is a long term, but welcoming, group of UU Christians in CLF

Covenant for online groups:

As we become an online community, it is important to clarify group values and expectations. We seek to create a safe and welcoming space and will operate under the following principles:

RESPECT—Our overarching value will be one of respect for self and others as well as for people and ideas we may disagree with. We will value the worth and dignity of all people.

TOLERANCE AND APPRECIATION OF DIVERSITY—We will seek to operate under a "both/and" rather than an "either/or" philosophy (i.e., we will honor others' paths and welcome differences.

COMPASSION—Ours is a group with a spirit of caring and support. We will seek to encourage and lift one another up—especially in difficult times.

CONFIDENTIALITY—What is shared in the closed group stays in the closed group.

ACCOUNTABILITY—We will hold each other accountable to these shared values (lovingly), and in the rare case that a post is offensive or inappropriate (it is okay to say "ouch"), the post will be removed by the moderator. Let the journey begin!