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There are many ways to know and be known in this spiritual community, and we hope you will find what is just right for you! After all, if we are to feel accompanied on our journey, it is good to nestle in with a group of people who see us and listen to us over time, even as we get to know them. We invite you to join a small group which is private and focused, whether it is focussed on a spiritual topic or an identity that is important to you. We offer a variety of classes and conversations, gatherings in real time and at your own convenience. Please consider your preferences and choose what works for you!


Join/MembershipBecome a member of our global spiritual community.

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Young Adults

Young AdultsMeet others who are under 35.

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Find Online Community

Online CommunityDeepen with a small group in a way that’s right for you.

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Find Local Community

Find a Local CommunityMeet people who are geographically close and share your values.

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